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You Just Fought: Now What? 3 Steps to Repair After a Fight

Chris Grace - March 12, 2019

Do you know that feeling? You've just had a fight and now things have cooled off. What do you do? How do you repair the relationship after the argument and restore the connection you had? This article explains some research behind arguments and how to resolve things in a healthy way. 

Before I Blow Up At My Friend

Jennifer Jones - March 5, 2019

Dear CMR,

I was really hurt by a friend of mine the other day, and I feel it lingering in the back of my mind. I don't want to blow up at them, but I come close to doing that when we hang out together.


Holding It In

Does It Really Matter How You Say it?

Chris Grace, Tim Muehlhoff - February 20, 2019

"I grew up watching my parents argue, and I just made a note to self when I got married, we wouldn't have any conflict. We're just not doing it..."

How do you handle difficult conversations? Do you jump right in or avoid them at all costs? How you say what's on your mind is incredibly important. It can require a lot of discernment to know when and how to have these conversations. In this episode, we break down some things to think about before jumping in. Take a listen!


When CMR Meets The NFL Pt. II

Chris Grace, Tim Muehlhoff, Dave Wilson - January 23, 2019

What happens when she says "I don't love you anymore?" In today's podcast, Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff continue the conversation with former Detroit Lions chaplain, Dave Wilson. When his wife shared that with him on the night of their tenth anniversary, they had to reevaluate their relationship and where they were headed. How did they go from this place to now leading marriage ministries? Listen and find out!

The Four Horsemen of Relational Apocalypse

Chris Grace, Tim Muehlhoff - January 16, 2019

Every relationship has points of tension that can evolve into fights. Couples can sometimes begin believing that disagreements and fights mean that their relationship is doomed to fail. While that isn't necessarily true, there are some signs that your relationship has taken a dangerous turn and needs to be adjusted. These four signs, outlined by marriage researcher Dr. John Gottman, are signs that your relationship may be in trouble. 

When CMR Meets the NFL Pt. I

Chris Grace, Tim Muehlhoff, Dave Wilson - January 9, 2019

"At one point I sat down with God to pray that I would die so that I could get out of my marriage to my wife." In this podcast, former NFL Chaplain for the Detroit Lions Dave Wilson sits down with Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff to share his story.  Dave is currently one of the lead pastors of Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan. He walks us through how his marriage has grown from its rocky start. How did he grow from that low point to now leading marriage conferences around the country? Take a listen!

One-Sided Marriage: What Do I Do?

Aundrea Paxton - January 8, 2019

Dear CMR,

What if in a marriage, only one person wants to stay in the marriage and is working and fighting for the relationship to continue? What would you say to them?


A Desperate Friend

Why Are Holidays So Tense?

Darcie Hultberg - December 11, 2018

Dear CMR,

With Christmas around the corner, as a student, I’m a little overwhelmed – ok, really overwhelmed. I want to make things meaningful and enjoyable with my friends and family, but in the past things have been tense. Do you have any practical tips or things I can do proactively to make this Christmas season joyful and keep my sanity?


Overwhelmed and Worried

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