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Turn Your Campus

January 25, 2016

Turn Your Campus 2015 was a catalytic, one-day campus/community evangelism training event held on the campus of Biola University on Jan. 23, 2016. TYC is designed to encourage and challenge junior high and high school students as well as the youth leaders and educators who serve and support them. This event focuses on networking and building healthy student-to-student and ministry-to-ministry relationships. We are convinced that, as the Body of Christ, we are more effective when we serve together.

Dr. Chris Grace offered a Super Seminar called The Power of Kindness and Grace: Walking with LGBTQ Friends.

All of our friends, straight or gay, regardless of sexual orientation/identification, need to know two things in order grow and thrive: they need know how deeply they are loved by our Savior, and they need to see evidence of how greatly they are loved by us. The first is found in the Gospel and the second can be found in their interactions with you.

Our friendships will be radically transformed by the power of kindness and grace precisely because it is God who shows up in such moments, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Do you want to be transformed in your walk with God, to have your light shine before others in such a way that they will see your love and good works and give glory to God in heaven?  Then learn to rely on the power of kindness and grace as you walk alongside those whom He loves.