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"The CMR has equipped us."

Meet Kerry and Kim Flickinger. Married for 40 years, they recently felt the Lord calling them to mentor and guide younger married couples. Without any formal training, they needed a place to start.

As Kerry and Kim began pursuing mentorship, they had difficulty knowing where to begin. Being new to mentoring, they were excited to initiate these relationships but didn't know how to start the conversations or what issues to address. Through their church, they were introduced to the CMR's resources, specifically the Marriage Mentoring curriculum.

"We are so grateful for the CMR and the investment they made in this workbook. It really serves as a road-map for directing our meetings, diving into topics that aren't often talked about. From one meeting to the next, we could actually see change in the couple we were mentoring."

They have mentored three couples at this point and are excited to continue mentoring in the future. As they have built relationships with their mentees, they have found CMR to be a vital resource for them as they train and guide these young couples. But that’s not all.

"We have noticed our own relationship growing as we explore these topics with other couples. Issues that we had never thought to talk through suddenly became important to our relationship, and we have learned more about each other as we mentor through the workbook."

The Center for Marriage and Relationships exists to equip relationships to become healthier, stronger, and more Christ-centered than ever before. Kim and Kerry's story is one example of the ways that marriages have been impacted by the creative, biblically sound, research-based resources the CMR provides. 

Our Need: $220k for 2020

However, we are only able to provide these resources with your help. We are completely donor-funded. Will you prayerfully consider donating to the CMR as the end of the year approaches? We must raise $220,000 to be fully-funded for 2020. We want to continue partnering with God to equip couples like Kerry and Kim as they help other couples build a solid foundation for the future. Click here to donate!