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Marriage Mentoring Training Conference

Marriage Mentoring Training Conference

WhenSaturday, March 24
WhereBiola University, La Mirada, CA

A one-day conference to equip individuals, couples and ministry leaders.

When couples take proactive steps to seek out wisdom from other, more experienced couples, the impact on their marriages is profound. The most heeded counsel often comes through relationships with trusted mentor couples, pastors and ministry leaders, as people imitate what they see lived out. Marriage mentoring is about walking alongside another couple, providing a place for safe conversation and moving the couple forward wherever they are.

What you can expect at the conference:

The Marriage Mentoring Training Conference consists of training based on sound biblical principals integrated with the latest in marriage research and is designed to equip you with the tools, resources, and confidence you need to become an effective marriage mentor. Our speakers are engaging, humorous and warm, with a relatable style that draws on their professional expertise and practical experience from their years of marriage ministry. 

As a result of this training, you will learn:

  • Core principles to help couples deepen their friendship and intimacy
  • Steps to help you build and sustain a vibrant marriage mentoring ministry at your church
  • The importance of forgiveness and steps to take in the forgiveness process
  • How to guide couples through research-based scales and assessments
  • Strategies for healthy interaction, communication, and listening
  • How to ask great questions, facilitate deep conversations, and offer supportive, empathetic encouragement to couples when needed
  • Keys to help mentors avoid burnout and stay vitalized
  • A special session to help brand new mentors feel equipped and ready to mentor their first couple

What you will receive:

  • A full day of engaging, in-depth presentations and activities designed to help you become an effective mentor
  • Specialized afternoon breakout sessions
  • Q&A time with the speakers
  • One raffle entry for our giveaway prizes
  • Book table where you can purchase some of the best marriage books available, including the latest addition of the Marriage Mentoring Workbook

Here's what people are saying about the conference:

"Systematic approach, great detail, extremely comprehensive! It was great! The speakers were engaging and interesting. I did not want to miss a minute of it!"

"Wow! There was so much! Every session opened up a lot to use as coaches and personally as well!"

"Loved having new research-based material to use as we coach couples. The foundational topics in each chapter are far 'meatier' than what we had before."

Take the next step to become a great marriage mentor!

About the Marriage Mentoring Workbook

Our workbook provides an interactive roadmap that will help you guide couples through the foundational aspects of building a strong and intimate marriage based on biblical wisdom and scholarly research. Dr. Chris Grace, Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, and Alisa Grace translate insights from leading researchers into core principles and practical tips that are in-depth, easy to understand, and fun to apply.

The Workbook includes:

  • 8.5" x 11" perfect bound, 71 full-color pages
  • An introduction to the purpose and definition of marriage mentoring
  • An introduction to the purpose of marriage
  • A guide on how to use the workbook with another couple
  • 12 sessions on teh core foundations of marriage
  • Assessments, questionnaires, and exercises woven through the sessions and appendix
  • A guide on how to recognize the cycle and signs of domestic abuse
  • A guide on when and how to refer to professonal help

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