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Welcome to the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships, a trusted resource that combines the timeless, cross-cultural wisdom of Scripture with relevant and timely perspectives from scholarly research.



We build and sustain healthy marriages and relationships that model Christ's love for the church.

Our relationships with others — roommates, spouses, family members, friends or co-workers — all have a profound impact on us, touching every aspect of our lives. Relationships bring us joy and happiness, but they can also leave us lonely or discouraged. We believe that the transformative power of God, combined with the best of applied research on marriages and relationships, can bring about real change in our hearts and in our everyday lives. As a deep and abiding connection with God is established, so will a deep and abiding connection be cultivated with those most dear to us.

By combining the timeless, cross-cultural wisdom of Scripture with relevant scholarly insights, we produce tools and guidance to help relationships thrive. We offer proven, practical resources, including:

We equip students, couples and churches with the tools they need to build happy, healthy friendships, relationships and marriages. 


Our vision is to make an impact on the church and broader culture by bringing these proven tools and resources to those who need them most, including:

  • Training and equipping couples in economically challenged neighborhoods with tools and seminars free of charge
  • Bringing a Christian view of love to college students to make an impact on the next generation
  • Cultivating habits of the heart for married couples who want to grow in spiritual intimacy and spiritual transformation