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A Class About Christian Perspectives on Marriage and Relationships?

Every spring,  Biola’s Center for Marriage and Relationships offers an upper-division undergraduate course called "Christian Perspectives on Marriage and Relationships." The course in 2018 is team-taught by Dr. Chris Grace and Alisa Grace, Dr. Tim Muehlhoff and Noreen Muehlhoff, and Dr. Rick Langer and Shari Langer. Students can take the class with the concentration in Psychology, Communication, or Biblical Studies. Hear what two best friends said about the course:

Angel: This class is unique in the way that it is a semester-long course that allows students to get practical advice on such a universally-understood subject.

Allison: I think that the relationships course helped me understand things about friendship, family dynamics, and romantic relationships that I never fully understood before. Because our professors were from all different backgrounds, there was an abundance of knowledge that was given to us.

Angel:  Each member of the class faculty was so honest, transparent, and approachable to students in the way they taught or led the class. You don’t get that kind of advice and mentoring that often!

Allison: I walked away with the ability to identify and understand certain aspects of relationships I was in that I had previously little to no understanding of. I also walked away with my eyes opened to how relationships work and how to better understand the people I am in a relationship with.

Angel: This class applies to everyone and the CMR can be used by everyone. Who doesn’t wish for fruitfulness in their relationships?