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Event Highlights

Christian Perspectives on Marriage and Relationships Class

This spring the Center for Marriage and Relationships sponsored our Christian Perspectives on Marriage and Relationships undergraduate class. Through this course, 130 Biola students learned how they can use the relationships in their lives as means of discipleship! 

“This class has been so helpful! It is a really good resource to get grounded perspectives, so we are not just doing things the way our parents did, but having biblically based and science-based information that has really helped our relationship” -Biola Senior 

Forest Home Family Camp 2023

The Graces spoke at Forest Home Family Camp to over 350 campers and 51 decisions for Christ were made, praise God! Their teaching equipped adults with practical tools for healthy communication, and conflict management with the understanding that when we live out our relationships well in the power of the Holy Spirit, it brings us joy and points a hurting world back to God.

Self-Defense Seminar: When Conversations Turn Violent

The CMR sponsored a self-defense seminar featuring leading Canadian self-defense expert Nick Drossos and Biola's Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, black belt in Kung Fu. With their combined expertise, Nick and Tim taught participants how to protect themselves both verbally by de-escalating conversations and physically with self-defense drills to use if necessary.
The CMR sponsored Nick Drossos' trip to the states and is grateful for the practical and empowering resources he provided our students! 


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