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30 Ways to Make Your Wife's Day

It's the little things that build up your relationship, and it's also the little things that can chip away at it.

  1. Get up with the kids on Saturday morning and let her sleep in.
  2. Do a chore that she hates to do.
  3. Initiate a date night doing something you know she’ll love to do.
  4. Ask her what’s on her agenda for the day, and then remember to ask her how it went.
  5. Give her a small gift on your next date night.
  6. Offer to help the kids with their homework.
  7. Ask her how you can pray for her today.
  8. Take her into your arms, look into her eyes and tell her she is beautiful.
  9. Brag on her to the kids where she can hear you.
  10. Introduce her as the most wonderful woman in the world who also happens to be your wife.
  11. Express appreciation for an ordinary or routine task she does for the family.
  12. Help with the dishes after dinner.
  13. Flirt with her throughout the day just for fun.
  14. Listen to her with interest when she talks to you.
  15. Look her in the eye, tell her you’d marry her all over again, and give her a 5-second kiss.
  16. Tell her she’s a good mom and cite a specific example.
  17. Hug and kiss her first (before the kids and the dog) when you come in the door at the end of the day, and tell her you missed her.
  18. Offer to watch the kids so she can go out for an evening.
  19. Stay up late to help her with a project.
  20. Send her flowers at work just because.
  21. Fill her car up with gas each Sunday evening.
  22. Compliment her on her internal qualities: integrity, passion, gentleness, strength, wisdom, leadership abilities, positive attitude, etc.
  23. Text her and tell her, “I was just thinking about you…”
  24. Open the car door for her.
  25. Turn the heater on in the bathroom if you get up first.
  26. Leave her a love note under her pillow before you leave on a business trip.
  27. Tell her you’d marry her all over again.
  28. Hold her hand when you walk or sit next to each other.
  29. Ask for her opinion.
  30. Start a conversation about something that interests her.