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25 Ways to Make Your Parent's Day

In 1994, National Parents' Day was established for "recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children." Parents play a key role in nurturing and developing us as children, but sometimes it can be easy to forget how much parents do to care for us on a daily basis. Here are 25 ways that you can express appreciation to your parents.  

1. Acknowledge the sacrifices they make/made for you – name some specific examples.

2. Offer to make breakfast/dinner for the family.

3. Call them once a week if you live away from them.

4. Ask them how you can pray for them and do it!

5. Tell them, “I hope I am as good a mom/dad as you are.”

6. Express appreciation to them for providing for you.

7. Learn to do your own laundry.

8. Reminisce with them about fun memories of growing up.

9. Do a chore without being asked.

10. Ask their opinion about a concern or decision you have to make.

11. Say please/thank you.

12. Ask what they were like as kids/teens/newlyweds/new parents, etc.

13. Have your kids call them and say "Hi".

14. Plan a fun time alone with them and don’t tell them.

15. Offer to run an errand for them.

16. Offer to help with a home project they are working on.

17. Invite them over for dinner.

18. Say, “I love you.”

19. Express appreciation for coming to your games/recitals/concerts, etc.

20. Tell them about a specific time you followed their advice and tell them, “Thank you!”

21. Offer to care for another family member so they can go out for an afternoon or evening.

22. Call and invite them to have coffee or tea.

23. Hug them.

24. Send a card, email or text telling them something you appreciate about them.

25. Be courteous, kind and considerate to everyone you meet. It reflects on your parents and makes them feel proud!