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Announcing: Marriage Mentoring Video Series

The CMR is so excited to announce the launch of our Marriage Mentoring Video Series today! We created this video to use in tandem with the Marriage Mentoring Workbook as a resource for spouses that feel led to train up younger couples in the faith. Both resources are available in Spanish translations.

The Marriage Mentoring Workbook and supplemental Video Series provide an interactive roadmap to guide couples through the foundational aspects of building a strong and intimate marriage based on biblical wisdom and scholarly insight. Relationship experts Dr. Chris Grace, Dr. Tim Muelhoff and Alisa Grace translate insights from leading marital researchers into fun, easy-to-understand principles and practical application exercises.

The time you're investing is a worthwhile endeavor. Studies reveal that more than 80 percent of couples who go through marriage mentoring develop happier and stronger relationships with their spouses. So whether you are mentoring your own marriage or coming alongside someone else, Marriage Mentoring will show you how to draw closer, connect deeper and stay in love longer. Now is the time to start your marriage mentoring journey today!

If you and your spouse feel led to learn more about becoming a marriage mentor, download our video series here!