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Marriage, Relationships, and Quarantine

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This week, the CMR brings you a special podcast episode on marriage, relationships, and quarantine. Chris and Alisa were featured as guests on Calvary Life's podcast to talk about how to encourage grace in your home, how to counter the desire to criticize, and how to facilitate difficult discussions.

When you're stuck in a house with someone for months at a time, tensions can rise and conflict can multiply. Small irritants can turn into world-ending issues, leaving you wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with this person. So what can you do to handle this well? 

On this week's episode of the Calvary Life Podcast, Eric and Bea Wakeling discuss exactly this with Chris and Alisa Grace, the founders and directors of the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships! They talk about how to reframe your thinking to encourage grace in your home, ways to counter the natural desire to criticize, and how to engage well in difficult discussions.

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.

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