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10 Quarantine-approved Date Ideas You Can Do at Home

Looking to spice things up in your relationship while you’re stuck at home? Whether you’re dating, engaged or married, you can try these quarantine-approved dates for a day of fun with your significant other.

1. Learn to cook a new recipe

If this quarantine season is teaching us anything, it’s how to cook. here’s nothing like trying out a new meal with your loved one by your side. Plus, trying a new skill or experiencing something new together actually brings health to the relationship. If you don’t know where to start,  try having a pizza night. Buy a pizza crust or try this easy-to-make pizza dough, add marinara sauce, and top it off with your favorite toppings. Voila!

2. Teach each other a new skill

This could be a fun opportunity to partake in each other’s hobbies, whether it’s photography, language learning, or a musical instrument. No matter what it is, learning about each other’s interests could draw you closer together by opening your eyes to how your partner enjoys downtime.

3. Exercise

Just because gyms, parks, and trails are closed doesn’t mean you and your significant other can’t stay active. Go for a run around the neighborhood, follow a cardio program, or do yoga online. Not only do you get to spend time together, but you get to  be each other’s accountability partners. There’s a reason couples who workout together are called ‘swolemates,’ right?

4. Have a picnic

Who said you had to go to a beach or a park to have a picnic? Grab a blanket, some sandwiches and snacks, and a couple beverages for a picnic indoors or outdoors.

5. Game night

Game night can consist of Uno matches, traditional card games, Mario Kart, or Jackbox (my personal favorite). Whatever you choose, have fun and get competitive. But not too competitive! Be sure to reconcile after match losses, especially if one of you is more competitive than the other.

6. Watch stand-up comedy together

When you can’t go to a comedy club, bring the comedy club to you! This is a great date idea if you and your partner are only able to see each other virtually. You can FaceTime each other while watching your favorite comedian or entertainer.  Choose a comedy sketch on Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube to watch together whether you’re in the same house or miles away.

7. Have a Q&A

Looking for an intimate, deeper date? Well, lucky for you, there is always something to learn about your partner, you just need to ask the right questions. There are dozens of questions lists like these you can find online that have in-depth questions that you and your partner can ask each other.

8. Book club for two

Bookworms, get excited for this one! You and your significant other can take turns choosing a book to read and discuss. Through reading the same books, you can analyze together, all while learning more about each other’s tastes in literature.

9. Get crafty

This is also another long distance, social distancing-friendly date. Decorating mugs, creating a scrapbook and painting are some ideas that require materials you might have at home already. After finishing your craft of choice, you can swap masterpieces. If you’re social distancing from one another, this will be something you can look forward to receiving in the mail.

10. Create a collaborative Spotify playlist

See into your partner’s soul by listening to the music they love most! Spotify allows you to create collaborative artists, where multiple users can add songs to the same playlist. Create a playlist of both your and your partner’s favorite songs, then listen to them together. A person’s music preference shows a lot about who they are, so prepare for a load of learning!